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    Parmesan Crusted Fish Burger

    April 30, 2012 1 min read

    Parmesan Crusted Fish Burger

    I love this recipe because no matter what fish you have it will usually taste pretty great on a good ol' burger!


    For the fish:

    - Firm white fish fillets

    -Flour, eggs, bread crumbs, grated parmesan cheese, lemon pepper seasoning

    For the burger:

    - Bread Rolls (I have used herb Foccacia Rolls)

    - Lettuce leaves

    - Tomato

    - Red Onion

    - Tartare sauce

    - Tomato Sauce


    1. Cut the fish into burger sized pieces

    2. Beat eggs in a bowl. Roll the fish fillet in flour, dip in egg, and cover with the parmesan and lemon pepper bread crumb mixture. Press crumbs firmly onto fillets. Put aside.

    3. Heat 2-3cm deep of oil in a Wok. Drop crumbs into oil - when they sizzle to the surface the oil is warm enough to begin frying.

    4. Place fillets one at a time into the oil and cook through depending on thickness of fillets.

    5. Allow to drain for a few minutes on paper towell, pressing the oil out if necessary (you don't want an oily burger!)

    6.. Lightly grill bread rolls. Top with desired salads and sauces (I have tartare sauce and tomato sauce together...)

    Serve and enjoy!

    This is a great option for a BBQ or family get together, or even a meal for one. Quick and easy, but enjoyable. For a healthier option, lightly grill your fish with lemon, lemon pepper or other seasoning (Cajun spices, flour etc).