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    Spearfishing Competitions - Championships

    For over a decade, Adreno has supported local, interstate, national and internationals spearfishing competitions.

    What is a Spearfishing Competition?
    A spearfishing competition is a way for divers to get together and test their spearfishing abilities against one another. There are many forms of spearfishing competitions. Spearfishing club competitions, interclub spearfishing competitions, local, State Titles, National Titles, Interpacific Championships, World Titles and even online spearfishing competitions such as the Adreno BIG 5.
    The most common spearfishing competitions are those held at a club level, between spearfishing club members. Spearfishing clubs generally hold spearfishing competitions every month. Interclub competitions are also popular – such as Sydney’s Alliman Shield which is a competition held every month between all of the different spearfishing clubs in the area. The competition spans over the year and the winning club is announced after the final competition.

    Local Spearfishing Competitions
    Local competitions are the second most common form of spearfishing competition. Clubs will often hold specialised spearfishing competitions and invite competitors from across Australia. Some of these competitions are held as memorial competitions for Spearfishermen who have passed away – such as the Cloughy Challenge, Couldwell Cup and the Glynn Dromey Memorial spearfishing competition. Other local spearfishing competitions which invite competitors from across Australia include the 1770 Classic, Eden, and the  Bluewater Classic. All of these spearfishing competitions provide a great opportunity to meet other spearos, explore new areas, and test your ability to find a selected few fish in sometimes tough conditions.

    State and National Spearfishing Competitions
    State and National spearfishing competitions generally attract more serious competitors, all hoping to go home with the title of ‘Champion’. These spearfishing competitions are generally ‘swim offs’ in that all of the competitors must start and finish at the same point, and cannot be assisted by a boat for the up to six hour competition. These competitions are therefore a test of the spearfishers physical and mental abilities in the water, as well as their ability to find fish from a restricted scoresheet. Swim-off competitions generally level the playing field as spearos do not have the assistance of modern technology or boats! This makes for a very interesting and challenging competition.

    Interpacific Spearfishing Competitions
    Interpacific Championships involves 5-7 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Guam. Each country sends four men and two women to compete in a swim-off competition. This spearfishing competition is held as a pairs competition in that each diver must stay within 30m of their diving buddy, and only one diver may be underwater at a time. This makes it a team effort, but once again a challenging competition involving the best divers from the Pacifc region.

    Spearfishing Competitions – Fun, Sustainable and Supporting the Community
    Spearfishing competitions are a lot of fun and, considering the amount of effort put in to scouting, where you don’t shoot fish, and the actual competition, the catch rates are very low per diver per hour of effort – making spearfishing competitions both sustainable and fun. Fish from these spearfishing competitions are always donated to charities such as meals on wheels or foodbank, where the fish goes to families in need, or auctioned off to support a local cause such as a fire brigade. This makes spearfishing competitions a rewarding sport to be a part of.

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