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    You can get scuba certified at any dive centre at that is certified by recognised diving agencies such as PADI, SSI, NAUI, SDI/TDI. Adreno is one of them!

    It depends on what course you're looking at doing. Adreno's SSI Open Water Dive Courses start from $599. However, you can also do courses such as Advanced Adventurers, SSI Stress and Rescue, SSI Deep Diving, and more. View all courses here.

    Our Open Water scuba diving courses usually take 3 days to complete. Those 3 days consist of theory, pool sessions, shores dives and boat dives. Upon completion, you'd be licensed to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18 metres anywhere in the world!

    You'll need a warm wetsuit, BCD, regulator, air tank, mask, fins and booties. You can choose to hire most of the equipment (many people do) if you don't want to invest in the full setup as it can become an expensive sport!

    This depends first on your budget and second on how frequently you plan to dive.

    Scuba diving equipment such as BCDs and regulators are pricey so consider if that fits into your budget, and whether you'll get sufficient use out of those items.

    Remember, if you purchase scuba diving equipment this needs to be serviced regularly to ensure your safety.

    This depends on your tank size, dive depth and breathing rate.

    The larger your tank and the shallower your dive, the longer you'll be able to stay down.

    Always maintain a sufficient reserve of air (usually one-third of the tank) for a safe ascent and emergency situations.

    YES! In case of an emergency, you cannot be helped or saved if you are alone in the water.

    Diving with a partner significantly minimizes the risks and greatly increases your chances of survival should an unexpected situation arise during the dive. Read more here.

    Adreno has stores around the country in North Brisbane, East Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We're a dive-lover's playground.