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    Scuba diving is a unique experience that allows us to explore a whole new world. 70% of our world is covered by the oceans. As a certified diver, you are able to dive into a whole new world of adventure, beauty and wonder.

    We offer countless SSI Scuba Diving Courses for both beginner and experienced divers. Which explore jaw-dropping ocean scenery and marine life of Australia. Every month we have scuba diving courses around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. Choose your most suitable training centre and course below!

    North Stradbroke Island Double Dive

    Cementco Wreck and Flinders Double Dive

    ex-HMAS Brisbane Shipwreck Double Dive

    Convincible Wreck and Cherubs Cave Double Dive

    Aarhus Wreck and Smith Rock Double Dive

    Gotham Deep Dive and Flinders Reef Night Dive

    Flinders Reef Double Dive

    China Wall & Cherubs Cave Double Dive