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    Top 5 Brisbane Scuba Dive Sites

    March 18, 2016 2 min read

    Top 5 Brisbane Scuba Dive Sites

    We have a big, beautiful ocean to explore, but sometimes our favourite dives are the ones close to home; the sites that keep us coming back again and again to discover something new. Surrounded by some of Australia’s biggest and best islands, Brisbane locals are spoiled for choice when it comes to diving near home, and here at Adreno we debated long into the night about what sites should make our Top 5 Brisbane Scuba Dive Sites.



    Flinders Reef - Moreton Island(Photo by allevents.in)

    Flinders Reef, a favourite of Brisbane’s weekend warriors and rightly so. Home to almost 200 species of marine life (and in the winter months, migrating whales) and located just off Moreton,Flinders is a diverse and incredibly captivating site that should not be missed by locals.


    Manta Ray Bommie - North Stradbroke Island(Photo by mantalodge.com.au)

    The premier dive site of North “Straddie” Island, and only a 10 minute boat ride from the beach, the Manta Ray Bommie has enough colour and character to immerse even the most veteran of divers. At 8 - 12 metres you will see Leopard Sharks, Loggerhead Turtles and of course, the mighty Manta Rays!


    Tangalooma Wrecks - Moreton Island(Photo by tangalooma.com)

    Really easy. Really fun. The Tangalooma wrecks are of course a favourite for snorkelers and freedivers, but if you strap a BCD on, tighten that mask and go a bit deeper, you will undoubtedly discover something new and exciting waiting for you. Not to mention it’s a stone’s throw from the city and is an unbeatable way to spend the odd Sunday!


    Shark Alley - Flat Rock(Photo by mikeball.com)

    If diving with sharks isn’t on your bucket list, Shark Alley will show you just how wrong you are! Gracing the eastern edge of Flat Rock reef are the ever enchanting Nurse Sharks. One for the more advanced divers, you will be greeted by schools of rays, wobbegongs and a large variety of pelagics.


    EX-HMAS Brisbane - Sunshine Coast(photo by australiasnaturecoast.com.au)

    Lying offshore just outside the greater Brisbane Area is the fabled EX-HMAS Brisbane. Home to an astounding 1000 species of marine life, dive into history and witness life at its most raw and explosive. Cruise alongside the forward gun, take a boat load of photos and imagine the stories of this epic war vessel.


    Next week we count down our favourite Sydney based dive sites!