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    Dive Computers Aid Safety

    March 18, 2016 2 min read

    Dive computers are watches that automatically calculate many aspects of every dive you undertake. A dive computer can help improve a diver’s confidence as it allows a diver to receive accurate data during and after their dive.

    Adreno has a range of dive computers to monitor your performance and ensure you are diving safely, including popular brands such as Suunto, Aeris, Oceanic and Beuchat.

    Main Features of Dive Computers

    • Depth
    • Maximum depth so you can record PB’s
    • Total dives
    • Dive time
    • Bottom time
    • Surface Interval (SI – time a diver spends on the surface between dives)
    • Breath up monitoring
    • Alarms or lights that flash
    • Software to download your stats and monitor progress
    • Some higher-end models have an “Air Integration” feature, which measures tank pressure and calculates how many minutes the diver has left with the current air consumption.
    Choosing a Dive Computer
    • Make sure you choose a dive computer where you can easily read the digits.
    • Consider the style you want as a dive computer doubles as a watch you can wear daily.
    • Battery placement is a consideration. Dive computer kits usually come with a battery and O-ring which you should change when replacing a battery to prevent flooding.
    • Higher quality brands like Suunto usually require the dive computer to be sent back to the manufacturer for battery replacement. The manufacture likes to pressure-test the computer at the same time to ensure there’s no at risk of flooding.
    • Do you want the computer for freediving, scuba diving or both? Pure freediving computers are typically more affordable. Some dive computers have been designed for both sports but are typically more expensive.
    Watch our YouTube clip where Luke talks us through dive computers. For more how-to clips or product reviews visit the Adreno YouTube channel. Otherwise, to purchase from the world’s largest range of dive gear shop online now at ….(insert appropriate hyperlink)