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    Rob Allen Speargun Range Overview

    March 18, 2016 2 min read

    Rob Allen Speargun Range Overview

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    Adreno’s Lucas guides us through the awesome Rob Allen Speargun range.

    Rob Allen spearguns have a solid reputation for their durability, accuracy and performance. Rob Allen himself is so confident his spearguns will perform for years on end they all come with a lifetime money back guarantee. While all the models are of the highest quality there are some different features between models so here’s the lowdown on the range.


    The Scorpia is a great entry-level gun, which is ideal for hunting small to medium-sized fish.


    • Comes with plastic line release and trigger.
    • Single band design
    • Closed trigger
    • Closed muzzle
    • 7mm Shaft
    • New Rob Allen Vecta handle - the strongest, smoothest firing handle on the market today


    The Sparid is the next level up from the Scorpia.


    • Closed muzzle but has the option of two bands. This delivers greater power for when you want to hunt larger fish or need more distance. Also good for beginners learning to load a gun.
    • Has a shark clip so if you are hunting with a reel you can click it to your belt shackle or float line.
    • Rob Allen Vecta handle
    • 7mm Shaft thickness


    The Tuna speargun is ideal for hunting medium to large fish.


    • Comes standard with twin 16mm bands.
    • Option to take one rubber off the muzzle so you can hunt around rocks or for smaller species.
    • Open muzzle design, which enables you to look down the length of your shaft for better accuracy of your shots.
    • Stainless Steel line release and shark clip
    • Stronger 7.5mm shaft

    Vecta Handle

    The Vecta pre-moulded handle is the result of three years’ worth of R&D by some of the world’s best spearos. It is easily the strongest, smoothest and most robust handle available,


    • Virtually indestructible glass-filled nylon body:
    • A solid laser cut 316 stainless sear for exceptional safety;
    • Top-mounted safety - easily de/activated using one hand;
    • Ultra-comfy rubberised grip;
    • Ability to slide on a reel.
    Customise your speargun

    All of the spearguns in the Rob Allen range are personally customisable. You can take the muzzle off each one and change them over. If you don’t like an open muzzle you can change it over to a closed muzzle. If you want to change the handle colour, then you can customise this to your particular taste as well.