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    Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask Review

    August 20, 2017 2 min read

    The Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask has many advantages over your regular scuba set up. With no fogging, a flushing valve to prevent any mask flooding, no regulator in your mouth and the option of inserting a communication device so you can talk with your dive buddies, it’s a special piece of technology. In this video, Adreno’s Robbie Lewis takes us through the features and benefits of the Ocean Reef integrated dive mask.


    Here's a basic summary of the main features and benefits of the Ocean Reef IDM.


    The communication device has to be one of the most beneficial features of the integrated dive mask (IDM). One of the more limited aspects of diving is communication, so having the advantage of a communication device which clips into the side of your mask and allows you to speak freely with your dive buddies makes your dive much more enjoyable and safe, giving you 30 hours talk time per 9V battery.

    The communication device screws into the side of the mask and then clips onto the side of the face shield. You can also add a distortion damper to improve the quality of your communication.

    The G.Diver GSM Communication Unit is designed for use with the G.Divers Full Face Mask. The G.Diver GSM Communication Unit is designed for use with the G.Divers Full Face Mask.


    Another huge advantage of the unique design of the IDM is that you don't have to have a regulator in your mouth throughout the dive. This means that the jaw fatigue that you would normally experience is no longer a problem allowing you to significantly extend your dive time and enjoy it just that little bit more.

    The IDM doesn't come with its own 1st stage (an optional extra) but is fitted with a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage that has been cold water rated, so it's capable of going deep and getting cold and continuing to provide great function. The G-Divers IDM also comes with its own hose which connects straight to the first stage. You also have the option of getting a braided quick release hose which is generally very easy to use and extremely durable.

    Skirt and Strapping

    The s-spring skirt in concert with the 6 strapping points gives the mask an effective seal around the face. With so many strapping points, this mask is very secure so it won't slip off if it is bumped or damaged. The design of the mask means that it will stay on and allow you to easily breathe if you are unconscious giving you a much better chance of recovery.

    Some additional features:

    • Dumping valve for mask clearing
    • Anti-fogging technology
    • Pre-dive adjustment function to adjust the valve at the surface to avoid free flow
    • Wide lens for a great range of vision
    • 3-D equalising system with adjustable block sizes to suit your facial features