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    Aqua Lung Axiom i3 & Soul i3 Review

    August 20, 2017 2 min read

    Aqua Lung Axiom i3 & Soul i3 Review

    The Aqua Lung Axiom i3 and Soul i3 include similar features but are specifically tailored for men and women (respectively) including design features such as a reduced back plate size, i3 inflation control system and much more. In this video, Adreno’s Zoe Pocklington takes us through some of the major design features and their function in the two BCDs.


    The Back Plate The length and thickness of the back plate has been significantly reduced from that of the classical design with centre of gravity in mind. This allows the tank to sit as close as possible to the diver giving them a great centre of gravity and making it easy to walk with the BCD on.

    Straps Both BCDs use the same style of strap systems with an adjustable chest strap which can be tightened and shifted up or down depending on what works best for you. They also use AquaLungs patented swivel shoulder buckles which give you more dynamic movement in the water as the BCD adjusts to your movements giving ultimate comfort.

    The tank itself is secured using the GripLock Tank Band which doesn’t require you to make adjustments to your settings when switching between tanks of the same diameter. It also includes a finger saving system so when the buckle locks into place it won’t pinch your fingers. This system locks the tank firmly into place but can be easily removed or locked due to the single strap, single clip system.

    i3 Inflation Control System The i3 system is a unique design that allows for easy inflation and deflation of the BCD at the push of a lever. Simply push the lever down to deflate and pull it up to inflate. One of the best parts of this system is that when you are dumping air you don’t have to be sitting upright, you can continue to move horizontally through the water as both the upper and lower dump valves open when the lever is pushed.

    Other features

    • D-rings on each shoulder
    • Integrated weight system
    • knife attachment points
    • Surelock II mechanical weight release system