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    NEW Rob Allen Samburu Speargun

    December 11, 2015 2 min read

    NEW Rob Allen Samburu Speargun

    The new Rob Allen Samburu Speargun has just landed at Adreno and it is all we hoped for and more! Rob Allen are known for their quality, durable spearguns that are perfect for all spearfishing conditions, especially the variety of spearfishing we encounter here in Australia.  With a reputation built on producing quality equipment, the Rob Allen Samburu was always going to be a gun that not only performed to the highest level, but was made from the best possible materials, including the latest in carbon fibre technology.

    Why is the Rob Allen Samburu so Great?

    The Rob Allen Carbon barrels are Pull Wound, which allows for a significantly higher percentage of carbon to resin ratio in the barrel. This makes the barrel much stronger than a traditional Mandrel wrapped barrel for barrel thickness. as a result these barrels can be made thinner reducing overall weight while maintaining an extremely rigid and robust barrel.


    Left: Mandrel Wrapped Barrel vs Right: Pull Wound Barrel

    Notice the extremely tight carbon packing with much less resin so it allows for a consistent carbon layup and much better strength.  The white layer you can see is the cross wrapped fibres which give the barrel its excellent hoop strength.

    A mandrel wrapped barrel is done by hand one at a time and because of the low pressures you get a maximum of 70% carbon fibre (if that) in the layup. its only done at hand pressure so the tension on the fibres is less and leaves greater voids which the resin needs to fill, this makes a much heavier barrel and needs to be thick to get the required strength.

    A pull wound Barrelis different , the carbon threads are pulled and weaved into a Die at up to 5tons of pressure and constant heat, this gives a barrel a very high percentage of carbon (over 80%) and a more densely backed and consistent barrel layup.


    Carbon density and consistency of the Rob Allen rail.