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    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    December 01, 2015 2 min read

    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    The end of the Big 5 Competition is nearly upon us, with less than a month left.  We've had some quality entries rolling in over the past 11 months, leaving us with a very tight leaderboard at the the pointy end of the competition.


    Trent Bailey with half a fingermark and an 18.39kg Black Jewfish


    Ben Barlett with a stunning 3.95kg Green Jobfish

    The current overall leaders are:

    Aaron Puckeridge 5573.73
    Harrison Kelly 4850.25
    Trent Bailey 4380.30
    Ben Bartlett 4149.90
    Rhys Drury 3492.90
    Trevor Ketchion 3183.55
    David McAllister 3090.30
    Keiren Limpus 3089.45
    Dandre Kilian 3087.15
    Duncan Limpus 2846.23
    Dean Cooney 2501.88
    Jade Dean 2447.60
    Matty Carpenter 1803.90
    Chris Davies 1431.00
    Joshua Ball 1060.75
    Cameron Gall 897.15
    Nathan Watson 861.10
    Josh Stevens 736.70
    Ben Adams 658.25
    Ben Jillett 515.90
    Matthew Wolfaardt 472.20
    Brett Gamlin 436.05
    Claire Hollier 360.25
    Emma Kathleen 326.25
    Peter Taing 295.50
    Andrea Schroeter 266.30
    Shane Krenske 193.25
    Daniel French 187.50
    Deon Danowski 182.40

    Category Breakdown:

    Keep the entries rolling in.  There is still plenty of time to get to the top of the leaderboard.  It's never too late to enter, even if you've haven't entered any fish yet.  All you need to enter is a photo of your fish on the scales, with proof of date next to it (phone, dive watch, newspaper etc.) and simply post it to our wall within a month of capture.

    Missed out on entering this year? Don't worry, the Big 5 online spearfishing competition will be back in full swing from January 1, 2016 through to the end of next year! Plenty of opportunities to win some great prizes and track your fish for the year.