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    Best Wetsuit for Freediving - Adreno Saltskin Review

    January 14, 2021 2 min read

    Best Wetsuit for Freediving - Adreno Saltskin Review

    Without a wetsuit, swimming in cold water for a long period of time is almost impossible. Wetsuits insulate your body and retain body heat to help you avoid significant reductions in body temperature. There’s a variety of wetsuits out there, made from different materials, colours, and linings.

    Types Of Wetsuit

    Surfing Wetsuit

    Generally, a surfing wetsuit gives you a lot more movement in the shoulders and legs to allow you to swim freely. It's also generally thinner and doesn't do too well with compression and diving up and down. If you want to go scuba diving and you wear a surfing wetsuit, after a few dives, the neoprene of your wetsuit will not hold warmth quite as well because of the compression.

    Scuba Diving Wetsuits

    On the other hand, scuba diving wetsuits are generally made from thicker neoprene, because they are meant to be compressed. So their air pockets within are much smaller, so it doesn't allow as much compression. Therefore, scuba diving wetsuits keep warmth at depth. When fitting, your scuba diving wetsuit should fit snugly over the body to allow water to seep in but tight enough to prevent this water from flowing out.

    Freediving Wetsuits

    And then freediving wetsuits can either be open cell or closed cell neoprene. If the neoprene is lined on its interior surface with fabric such as nylon, polyester, it is a closed cell wetsuit whereas if it is not lined it is an open cell wetsuit. With the open cell neoprene, you need to get it wet and soapy to be able to get in and out of it; otherwise, it sticks to your skin. Whereas a closed cell wetsuit will easily slide onto the skin. Since a closed cell wetsuit has a lining, it is stronger than an open cell wetsuit and does not easily get ripped.

    Adreno Saltskin Wetsuit Features

    The Adreno Saltskin Wetsuit has aGlideskinfeature that creates a seal for extrawarmth. It’s also very slippery to get on and off and reduces flushing. The loading padis sublimated beneath the external lining of the suit. This gives you maximum comfort and reduces the risk of splitting and damage around the seam. The Integrated Camera Mount allows you to attach the camera to the hood without the annoying head strap.

    Watch as Katt from Vegan Diver Katt tell us more about the different features of Adreno Saltskin Wetsuit:

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