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    How To Aim Your Speargun: 3 Basic Tips

    January 14, 2021 2 min read

    How To Aim Your Speargun: 3 Basic Tips


    Aside from holding your breath underwater, learning how to aim properly is one of the most challenging parts of being a spearo. But how does one aim accurately? Well, this is something that happens as a person keeps on practising. Initially you’ll start off looking carefully down the spear each time you fire. Soon, you just look at the fish, aim your speargun, and shoot. Here are some basic tips to help you become better at aiming your target.

    Tip 1: Direction & Locking The Arm

    To give you a little bit of a heads up on the direction, look at the tip of your spear and put that onto your target. Keeping it on the target, raise the back of the gun up until you virtually can't see the shaft anymore - that will give you a pretty good line onto the fish. When you’re aiming, ensure that your shooting arm is extended outward and that your elbow is locked. Shooting with variation in arm and elbow placement leads to inconsistent results.

    Tip 2: Consistency

    Becoming better at aiming is all about experience. You may start off completely unable to land your spear into any target. However, with repeated practice and repetition, shooting flawlessly can become muscle memory. Anyone who does something enough, can get consistent, and can get accurate. Don’t be too concerned about your misses but instead, keep a note of important things like how do you position yourself when aiming or how good is your timing.

    Tip 3: Distance

    Get close to your target. When a spear leaves the gun, it's going at a very fast rate. But, before it even gets to the end of the mono, it's slowed down considerably. It's a big item, it has a lot of surface area and it's going through water, which is a heavy medium. It will slow down pretty quickly. In the very first part of the shot, there's almost nothing that disrupt it’s trajectory in the water because it's under so much power. However, in the second part of the shot, it's quite possible for an upper current, or a little bit of movement in the water, or a fish ahead in a school to wave its tail, to actually bring some pressure onto the shaft and knock it out of its trajectory. So, the smart idea is to get close. If you're in crystal clear blue water and you think you're close, try to get even closer, before you take your shot.

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