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    How to Pick the Best Wetsuit for Scuba Diving - Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit Review

    January 12, 2021 2 min read

    How to Pick the Best Wetsuit for Scuba Diving - Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit Review

    Whether you're a newbie or already a seasoned scuba diver, picking the right wetsuit is crucial in ensuring the best diving experience. Adreno has developed the 5mm Nudibranch wetsuit tailored specifically for scuba diving - available for both men and women, and packed full of incredible features!

    Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit


    The Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit is five millimeters thick, and designed specifically for scuba diving. It holds its thickness pretty well and as you go down, retains warmth as it gets compressed. When you’re scuba diving, you want to make sure that you're warm, comfortable and insulated on extended dives at depth. On the other hand, freediving wetsuits compress a lot more, so they're not as warm at depth. That is because freedivers go up and down much faster in the water. The 5mm thickness is usually recommended for water temperatures anywhere between 16 to 20 degrees celsius. The wetsuit is made from super stretchy neoprene, which means it's so easy to get on and off without lubrication.


    Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit also features aThermal-Stretch Lining - a fuzzy fleece lining that traps and reflects the heat emitted by the body so you stay extra warm. It also dries quickly as soon as you take it off.

    TheGlide Skin Seals are on the wrists and the ankles, which trap any excess water from moving in and out of your wetsuit. As a wetsuit functions by trapping water, the glide skin seal feature allows your body heat to warm that water up, minimising the flow of cold water in and out therefore reducing the amount of heat you lose and keeping you warmer for longer.

    TheBack-Zip Entryalso makes the suit easy to get in and out of. The zipper is well-integrated underneath the five millimeter neoprene, so you're definitely not feeling any pressure. It also has a long string, so you can take it on and off by yourself.

    The Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit hasReinforced Knees for extra protection. All of the seams are double-stitched, reinforced, and have extra sealant added on top of the stitching to make sure it stays nice and comfortable. Another feature you’ll love about this wetsuit are theUtility Pockets where you can carry torches perfectly.

    Things To Consider When Buying a Wetsuit

    Here are the questions you may want to ask first when buying a wetsuit:

    • What material is the wetsuit made from and what kind of seals does it have?
    • Does it have reinforcement in the areas that might get scratched up such as your knees or elbows?
    • What kind of zipper and sealant does it have?
    • What thickness do you need for your particular water temperature.

    Watch the full video of Katt from Vegan Diver Katt as she gives her review of the Adreno 5mm Nudibranch Wetsuit

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