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    Adreno BIG 5 Competition Prize - The Rob Allen Sparid Railgun

    November 09, 2011 2 min read

    Adreno BIG 5 Competition Prize - The Rob Allen Sparid Railgun

    Rob Allen Sparid Railgun AdrenoWe have chosen some truly great prizes for the Adreno BIG 5 spearfishing competition that is underway. Let's look into those prizes a bit more, so you know what you are going for!

    We'll start with telling you a bit more about the Rob Allen Sparid Railgun and will cover some of the other prizes (such as a Beuchat wetsuit and Riffe float!) in a later blog.

    The Sparid was chosen as a prize in this competition because it is a great all-round gun. It comes in lengths of 90cm to 140cm, so it is for every level of diver and almost any type of fish (if you win the competition, you'll be getting the 1.4m gun!). But that's not the main reason why you should be over the moon and shout 'Hurray!'  if you get this gun (worth $389) for free: The strength of the barrel and the quality of the trigger mechanism are the gun's main outstanding features and make it one of the most wanted spearguns in the world!

    The Sparid boasts one of the smoothest firing handles on the market; the famous Rob Allen Vecta handle, developed and tested by some of the world's best spearos. It is all stainless steel inside, so this one won't let you down strength-wise and will last forever.

    Rob Allen

    Technical specifications of the gun are: -  double rubber muzzle

    -  single 16mm rubber with Antline Dyneema wishbone

    -  7mm double- notch spear hardened to ~2000MPA

    -  ultra heavy-duty snap swivel gun bungee

    -  the Vecta handle has a glass-filled nylon body: as tough as it gets!

    -  comfortable rubberised grip

    So, what are you waiting for? Enter the competition by spearing the biggest of the Adreno BIG 5 species before the end of the year, weigh the fish and post a picture of it (and one with you in it) within 7 days of capture on our Facebook wall to see if you can win this super Rob Allen railgun!

    Check out ourAdreno BIG 5 Competition Facebook page here!

    If you don't want to, or can't, enter the competition, you can also purchase the gun online here.