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    Win free gear: Xmas 'Tag and Win' competition!

    November 09, 2011 1 min read

    Adreno Xmas Sale Catalogue

    Most people who follow this Adreno Scuba Diving blog, and 'like' our Facebook page, will already know the drill for this popular online 'Tag and Win' competition.

    This is about the easiest way to score some great new gear and this time of year we are in the Christmas spirit and feeling extra generous! Our Xmas sale started last Saturday (and will end this month) and people were actually lining up in front of the shop before it even opened, so we know our Xmas Sales items are in demand. We have a warehouse full of gear, so there will be plenty for everyone, but be quick to enter this competition, because your favourite piece of gear may get tagged before you get the chance!

    Adreno Xmas Sale Doors Open
    Start of Adreno Xmas Sale: people literary couldn't wait for the store to open!
    Check out our catalogue on our Facebook page , tag your name on the item in the catalogue that you want to win. Yes, it is THAT simple!.

    HURRY: We will draw the winner this Friday: Nov 11!

    General rules Only ONE tag per person so choose your item carefully. If the page is full (over 50 tags) write a message on our wall and we will upload another. The $300 limit on the winning prize remains in place.

    Our store If you want to try on or check the gear you are interested in winning, or score other cheap items before they revert back to their original price, come and check out our store before the Xmas Sale ends (on November the 26th): View Store Location Map