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    5 Jobs Spearos Love

    August 09, 2019 2 min read

    5 Jobs Spearos Love

    Words by Noob Spearo's Isaac 'Shrek' Daly

    It seems that a few of us get to go spearfishing every other day, but Instagram makes it feel like everyone is spearfishing every day! Why? Are they trust fund babies? Lottery winners? Miners?

    ….You've probably asked yourself while browsing Instagram “What does this bloke do for a living?” 

    Well, good news!After interviewing nearly 100 spearos I’ve come across a couple of jobs that these Instagram-hogs covet. Here are a few to consider if you want more pics of you holding fish and less time punching the clock and missing out on all the midweek glass-outs in 2019. 


    You were thinking about it already so it’s number 1 on the list. The FIFO crew are heading out for a 5 day empty reef trip and yes….they will smash that dopey 11.4kg Tuskie that you spooked last weekend. The mining boom maybe over but there are still plenty of opportunities for those that can bear the tough lags.

    Shut-down Electrician

    Ipswich born, world-famous YouTube star Daniel Mann pads out the huge amounts of cash he earns from YouTube ads by occasionally getting his rubber insulated pliers onto some of the brown stuff running through your walls. The intermittent nature of shutdown work means it's well-remunerated and you can enjoy long spells off and head out more chasing fish. 


    I literally know 6 spearo firies that flood my social media with spearfishing imagery. Their shift patterns (wherever they are in the world) seem to facilitate spearfishing on every good weather day. If you join the fire service, you'll probably be in good company and even have some spearing buddies on hand.

    School Teacher

    I remember a lot of terrible, cranky teachers growing up. How can they be cranky when they have 3+ months off every year? As if that's not enough, one of my mates that teaches science takes the kids down to the beach all the time for ‘projects’. This is definitely a good number for regularly getting wet.

    Entrepreneur (cough, cough, cough)

    Believe it or not but working for yourself means you have the toughest boss in the world. This is, of course, separate from some of the ‘entrepreneurs’ that are doing work of a less than legal nature. And let’s not forget the guy sponging of his GF until his rap career takes off. If you own a real business though, you can make your own hours but it's not an easy sail.

    Diving Job

    Catching aquarium fish, gathering Abalone or Sea Urchins, pearl diving? There are a few types of diving jobs that will give you plenty more time in the water but they all have one thing in common…. you work your arse off and you don't get to be picky with ocean conditions either. I still think it's a great option if you are obsessed about getting more vitamin sea.


    If you are considering a 2019 career change and want to go spearing more then I hope I've given you some ideas. If you are keen to get out spearfishing more, check out this guide: http://www.noobspearo.com/the-vault-blog/6-tips-to-go-spearfishing/