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    14 YouTube Channels For Spearos | Are You Even Subscribed Bro?

    August 09, 2019 3 min read

    14 YouTube Channels For Spearos | Are You Even Subscribed Bro?

    Words by Noob Spearo's Isaac 'Shrek' Daly

    If you’re anything like me, going spearfishing every week isn't possible. So to keep that stoke and maybe even learn a thing or two, I've put together a list of YouTube Channels to subscribe to. Here are some of the best channels going.

    Daniel Mann

    Local South East Queensland Dan Mann has made possibly the coolest spearfishing channel on YouTube. Videos include chasing barn doors in Norway, buggering up Wahoo (and learning from it) and even practical stuff like tying knots. He has a mad blend somewhere between education and entertainment.


    Az and Strick are all about capturing the stoke of a good trip. If you're into clean water, big fish, and like some good commentary, this is a phenomenal channel to subscribe to.


    Hunting techniques? Rigging? Choosing equipment? The ladies and gentlemen at Adreno are great at giving advice and tips for up and coming spearos. If you want to get some baseline spearfishing knowledge and learn about specific facets of spearing, check their regularly updated channel out. 

    Horny Spearos 

    Little known South East QLD lads belting Wahoo, Trout and Cobia and with humour to boot… Yes!

    Check out this gem that features some of the SEQ spearing that we are fortunate to have in our backyard.

    Submerged Psychos 

    This channel is not for everyone. It’s run by the oxygen-deprived and extremely hilarious, Trevor Ketchion. Beware this channel has the weirdest music, the craziest narration and even the odd fish is taken. In all seriousness, it’s excellent and never fails to give me a crick in the neck from staring too long at my phone.


    Aspirational is definitely one way to describe Brodie Moss and Co’s channel. He spends his days exploring the W.A coast and is a natural at sharing stuff he finds cool (and YBS fans love it too). Well worth checking out on a quiet Saturday arvo (when those dirty Northerly winds are here) with a cold brewski on the couch. 

    Dripping Wet Pictures

    The latest video features Timmy Knight and his good mate taking down huge Cubera in Panama but thse Central NSW Coast lads have vids on phenomenal spearfishing all over the place.

    Aquatic Rehab TV

    Kiwi spearfishing at its best. Big Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish feature heavily and Luke shares actionable tips about effective hunting in nearly every video. 

    WildFox Productions

    One part spearo, one part cinematographer - Sam Wild’s New Zealand ocean colorscapes are captivating. He loves a good cray, slow buttery footage and capturing that special feeling that only the ocean provides. 

    Rob Allen Spearfishing

    Practical is how I’d describe this channel fronted by the man himself. It’s a really good channel for looking at and setting up spearfishing equipment and made by a man who spends his life innovating new spearfishing gear.

    Underwater Ally Productions

    Taka and Cripps are Australia's premier spearfishing power couple (sorry Bryson and Nikki). Follow their recent adventures living and spearing in Samoa last year or their new adventures roaming up and down Australia catching and cooking some magic feeds along the way.

    Coatesmans Spearfishing 

    A highly knowledgeable and experienced South African spearo with oodles and oodles of videos that will make your jaw drop. Chris is one of the most sought after spearfishing guides on the planet and his catalogue of helpful content has been devoured by up and coming spearos for years.

    Terra Australis 

    Not strictly spearfishing but a powerful WA collaboration delivering videos on everything from shark deterrent testing to rare encounters with unusual wildlife.

    Adam Stern Freediving Instructor

    If you want to improve your breath-hold and freediving technique, this is the best channel on YouTube. Adam is very charismatic and his courses and DeepWeek freediving festival are talked about by well known freedivers like giggling 8 year old school girls everywhere. Highly recommend.


    These are 14 of the coolest channels I subscribe to, but I’m probably missing a tonne. 

    What channels did I miss?



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