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    Annual Gold Coast Sea Slug Census

    August 12, 2019 2 min read

    Annual Gold Coast Sea Slug Census

    Words by Deb Aston (Gold Coast Sea Slug Census Committee).

    The Sea Slug Census program began six years ago at Port Stephens, NSW and has now expanded into 40 censuses in 10 locations along the Australian east coast. More than 1200 participants have been part of this project and they have photographed approximately 450 species including some previously unknown to science.

    2019 will be the fourth year of the Sea Slug Census, held annually, at the Gold Coast and is the premier event thanks in part to an enthusiastic organising committee but also due to the support received from the dive industry and in particular our prize sponsors such as Adreno Scuba Diving.

    Our major achievements so far have been :

    • Over 100+ Divers have provided valuable data and photos and in return gained skills and further knowledge of the world of Sea Slugs
    • 51 Previously unrecorded species found
    • 1 New species record for Australia - Dorisprismatica paladentata - 2017
    • 1 newly described species - Hypselodoris roo - 2018
    • 287 Sea Slug species in total now recorded with 178 from the Gold Coast Seaway

    How do you get involved, you ask? It’s easy – you need a Buddy and a camera, fill out a Registration form, book your boat dive or plan a shore dive, maybe join a Team, dive between South Stradbroke and Cook Island over the weekend of 28-29 September 2019, then fill out a simple data Entry Form and return along with your photos and then cross fingers to see if you are a lucky prize winner.

    Further information can be found on Facebook Group – Gold Coast Sea Slug Census or email goldcoastseaslugcensus@gmail.com