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    Whitsundays Top 5 Scuba Dive Sites

    April 05, 2016 2 min read

    Whitsundays Top 5 Scuba Dive Sites

    Now take note, this one is for the weekend warriors. For divers with a 5 metre boat only big enough for mates and a good time. The divers that won’t make it out to the well trodden Great Barrier Reef, but are hunting for a good dive around the famous islands that other nations envy.

    1. Blue Pearl Bay - Hayman Island
    Just off the exquisite white beaches of Hayman lies Blue Pearl Bay, known for its extensive coral and fish life, including the resident Maori Wrasse, this is an easy dive for a warm Sunday morning. All the good stuff is between 3 and 18 metres so beginners or basic open water certified divers will have a great time.

    2. The Cathedral - Whitsunday Island

    One of the Whitsundays most iconic dive sites. The Cathedral is spectacular to explore and features a trove of large bommies, coral outcrops and exciting swim-throughs. An aquatic wonderland, this dive site should be conquered early on a trip to the islands. We would be amiss to not mention the wide variety of marine species a diver can encounter on any one dive here, whether lurking around the next bend or openly swimming around you - you are sure to see something new!


    3. Mantaray Bay - Hook island

    Keeping divers in the water all year is Manta Ray Bay. Located off Hook Island, the site has an array of underwater caves, valleys and swim-throughs, arriving finally on the seafloor 25 metres below. Considered one of the best dive and snorkel sites in the inshore islands, Manta Ray Bay has great coverage of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life including the awesome Manta Rays in winter.

    4. The Pinnacles - Hook island

    What is perhaps the best dive site in the Whitsundays, The Pinnacles are a series of huge coral bommies that dominate the surrounding terrain - nearly reaching the surface from 20 metres below. As colourful and full of life as anything in the outer Great Barrier Reef. Manta rays are very common in the cooler months, May to September, as are big Maori Wrasse. You must be fairly comfortable with marine life if you have your diver certification, and that’s good. Because you are likely to bump into some black and white tip reef sharks down here!

    5. Dolphin Point - Hayman Island

    One for a clear, calm and sunny day. Dolphin Point off Hayman is fun at 18 metres, with hugeboulders on the sloping seabed and enough large marine life to get the blood pumping. Explore large coral bommies (20ft to 50ft) and cruise with the white tip reef sharks and hammerheads that call this place home. Often not far away are pelagics such as tuna, mackerel and barracuda.