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    Welcome to Adreno Melbourne

    January 06, 2016 3 min read

    Welcome to Adreno Melbourne

    Adreno started from humble beginnings, it was the Summer of 2001, when in a small shed nestled in the backstreets of Brisbane, Tim Neilson started what has become the number one freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving store on the planet.

    Now in our sixteenth year, we’re pleased to announce the opening of our Melbourne super store. Almost 15,000 square feet of underwater playground. To explain why we’re so pumped to open Melbourne Adreno, here is the Adreno story.

    Adreno was the brainchild of Tim Nielsen, a former Australian spearfishing champion and ambassador for all things underwater. Tim found himself frustrated by an industry he was about to turn on its head. For decades, the Australian dive market was in shambles, with no one offering the products and service that would drive the industry forward. “You would just get equipment wherever you could,” explained Tim. “That often meant driving up the coast and then back down, to backyard dealers scattered across the state”. It was then Tim recognised the need for one location where both experienced and novice divers could come for advice and equipment for spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving.

    Adreno actually started under the name Adrenaline Spearfishing Supplies, the company that would come to be known in the hearts and minds of its customers as, Adreno. “People started referring to Adrenaline as ‘Adreno’, we liked it and formalised the name change soon after” said the founder. fifteen years and a whole lot of elbow grease later, that one shed down the road from the Gabba had expanded to seven sheds along with a massive warehouse to dispatch the growing number of online orders.

    Tim brought in two partners, Robbie Lewis, who worked on building up the business in its early days, and Peter Clark, who as one of the original founders of Crazy Clarks is well positioned to oversee Adreno’s expansion. Today, the team have built the biggest and best one-stop freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving store on the planet.

    Now encompassing three brands, Adreno Spearfishing, Adreno Scuba Diving and Wetsuit Warehouse, as well as a dominant online and social media presence, Tim still believes that providing the community with physical store locations is vital. Late last year, Adreno successfully launched a brand new Sydney location. A sunny Sunday in September saw over 500 eager watersports enthusiasts lined up to get a glimpse and grab a bargain at their newest stomping ground. “Our industry involves the sort of products that really benefit from the try before you buy mentality” explained Tim. “Offering our customers locations for which they can come and experience the Adreno lifestyle is really important to our business, that’s why we’ve worked so hard to open Sydney, and now our Melbourne stores”.

    With a passionate community of divers in our colder State of Victoria, opening a Melbourne store was the next logical step. With three storefronts now covering the largest population centres in Australia, Adreno provides unrivalled access to the best free diving, spearfishing and scuba diving gear in the country.

    In true opening celebration style, there are thousands of dollars worth of giveaways and goodies including 200 Adreno gift bags for our first customers! We’re excited to be here and can’t wait to become a part of the Melbourne community more than ever. In the future, you can look forward to spearfishing information nights, community hangouts, joining us on dive trips, and demo days at the pool or in the ocean where we’ll give you the chance to try out the latest gear.

    Your Melbourne store manager, Luke Latham, and Assistant Store Manager, Taylor Slattery, have been a part of the Adreno team for many years. Having spearfished all over Australia and abroad, they’re stoked to now start exploring Melbourne waters and to meet you all along the way!

    The future is bright for all things diving in Australia! Welcome to Adreno Melbourne and we hope to see you in the water soon!