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    Three Methods To Improve Your Hunting And Get Closer To Fish

    October 05, 2018 2 min read

    Three Methods To Improve Your Hunting And Get Closer To Fish

    Words by Turbo from Noob Spearo: the spearfishing podcast sponsored by Adreno

    Getting within range of a fish to take a shot is the game of spearfishing and we’re always looking for that little edge that will help to get us closer. Generally, we can get closer by staying undetected or by arousing a fish’s curiosity.

    Spearfishing Hunting Tips

    Here’s three simple tricks I’ve seen Hawaiian divers employing lately that you can use as well.

    1. The Spoon

    Simply a spoon is dropped through the water column and allowed to sink. The shape of the spoon makes it fall slowly in an unpredictable manner giving off rays of reflection. I have also seen it thrown with divers swimming at the spoon as if in competition for bait triggering pelagic fish to charge in at the spoon as well. The best thing is spoons are shiny and cheap just like Shrek’s suit.

    2. The Wave

    I have seen this used on Green Job Fish AKA uku in Hawaii. The diver users the non-shooting hand in manner of closing and opening a fist to bring attention to a curious fish. Whether it attracts fish in or keeps the focus off the diver, I’m not sure but either way it’s been used to good effect in Hawaii.

    3. Gun Flasher  

    Some Hawaiian divers are putting small fishing lure blades (spoons) on the muzzle of their guns. These are made from polished stainless steel to attract fish right to the end of the gun. Whether it attracts the fish or takes the focus off the diver this one could be well worth a go.

    So, there you have it three new methods to try out next time you head out spearfishing.