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    The Tools and Knowledge to Master Rigging Your Speargun!

    February 22, 2011 1 min read

    The Tools and Knowledge to Master Rigging Your Speargun!

    Adreno’s Deluxe Pro Rigging Kit is everything you need to rig up your gun and land that dream fish! But we don’t just give you the tools, the deluxe pro rigging kit gives you the KNOWLEDGE as well. Everything you need to know from rubber sizes to crimping techniques you will find in Adreno’s ‘how to rig your gun’ guide which is included with the kit!

    It is amazing how many experienced spearo’s do not know some of the basics for rigging their gun, but with this great value kit you will have not only all of the tools to rig your gun, but the knowledge too! Set out on your diving trip with this small, easy to manage kit by your side and you will never have to worry about sitting in the boat for the day because you’ve busted a rubber or snapped a bridle! The Adreno Deluxe Pro Rigging Kit includes:

    - 2.00mm Black Tuna Mono x20m - 2.00mm Mono Copper Crimps x20 - 2.6 Heavy Duty Snap Clip with Swivel x3 - Competition Twin Dyneema Bridles x6 - 2.00mm Black Constrictor Cord x20 - Heavy Duty Muzzle Bungee with Snap Clip x3 - 16mm USA Latex Black Coated Amber Rubber x3m - Problue Stainless Steel Tool Kit x1 - Deluxe Salvimar Bridle Insertion Tool x1 - Sea Snip Cutting Shears x1 - High Seas Deluxe Crimping Pliers x1 - Tough Storage Satchel x1

    If you bought these items individually it would set you back $380, so grab yourself a bargain today as this pack is great value at $199, almost half the usual cost!