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    The Best Way to Watch Your Lung Capacity Grow!

    February 22, 2011 1 min read

    Ever wanted to freedive deeper and for longer periods of time? Wanted to compare your lung capacity with your dive buddy in a technologically accurate and scientifically proven way? The new POWERbreathe Kinetic series is for you! With the latest in electronic breathing training technology, POWERbreathe applications are the ultimate tools for sports training or can be effectively used by scuba divers to enhance their diving ability.

    With the POWERbreathe kinetic series, you can see results after just 30 breaths twice a day! Going back to review your improvements in increased respiratory muscle strength and endurance has never been easier or more accurate. From the base K1 model to the more advanced K3 model, this innovative handheld device automatically calibrates an individual’s training necessities and provides personalised training sessions. Check out this POWERbreathe PDF for detailed information on all the great things these compact devices can do.

    The POWERbreathe kenetic series are available at http://www.scubadiving.com.au for the bargain prices of:

    There are also entry level models available from as little as $89 so grab one today to increase your lung capacity and enjoy dive longer and deeper dives.