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    The three dummest things I did starting spearfishing - guest blog with Noob Spearo.

    September 19, 2022 2 min read

    The three dummest things I did starting spearfishing - guest blog with Noob Spearo.

    I think we can all agree that;

    …we learn more from our mistakes than we do from anywhere else. 

    And like every mistake I’ve made, I’ve tried to learn from them. Here are just three of mine and how to avoid them.

    1. The poor man pays twice

    Yes, I was poorBUT; I shouldn't have bought the $239 speargun because in 6 months I went back and bought the $399 speargun I was recommended initially (by Sam Cox from Adreno waaaaay back in the day). 

    I ended up spending $638 and then giving the cheap gun away. I also wounded a lot of fish and experienced a heap of frustration and lost opportunities. 

    While increased cost doesn’t always equal better gear, I ignored the advice that was given to me and because of that, paid twice. 

    So my advice: Save for longer, buy secondhand when possible but don’t skimp on the stuff that matters.


    2. Follow the rules for spearfishing

    Poor old seasick Mike and I went on a Flathead safari inside a certain boating channel on the Sunshine Coast (several times) before finding out that spearfishing in enclosed waterways in SEQ IS NOT ALLOWED (there are a few exceptions to this). 

    Thankfully we didn't get fined, only scolded by several elderly locals (one memorable angry Alf Stewart clone stands out). 

    Older spearos will get really pissed off with you too as a spearfishing wetsuit automatically makes you part of our community and everyone gets tarred with the same brush. It’s like a uniform, remember that when you are in public!

    For rules and regulations on spearing in Queensland, check out these sites

    3. Join the spearfishing community

    Easier said than done back in 2007 but these days, you have options.

    Seasick Mike and I were the classic‘blind leading the blind’ and added to that was Mike's ability to lose his lunch at the slightest ripple (even shore diving). In fact, he eventually chucked it in (pun intended) and I was without any dive buddies. Not only was I broke and purley shore diving, now I was alone. Eventually I found more buddies but these days, it’s way easier. 

    Here are a bunch of places you can find spearing communities in South East Queensland 

    For those further afield, check out theNoob Spearo Spearfishing Club Directory HERE

    I hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

    Buy right. Learn and follow the rules. Join a good spearing community!

    To connect with me, check out noobspearo.com or listen to 100’s of spearfishing interviews on the Noob Spearo Podcast available Spotify, Apple and everywhere else!

    - Shrek