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    The Adreno "???" Speargun

    February 20, 2012 1 min read

    Introducing the hottest new speargun to hit the market…The Adreno "???" by Aimrite. This speargun is sooo new it doesn't even have a name yet and call us crazy but we're going to let you name it.

    Head to our Facebook page and find the Name The Gun image for your chance to name this new beast and win yourself one to keep. All you have to do is comment on the image with your suggestions and we'll pick our favourite.

    Featuring twin 16mm rubbers and a 7mm shaft, The Adreno "???" is a great choice for all levels of spearfishing.

    The Adreno "???" barrel has a wall thickness of .078" (2mm) and is made from high grade carbon fibre which reduces flex dramatically when under heavy power which in turn results in more energy transfer to the spear shaft and most importantly, a more accurate shot.

    This high performance speargun features an integral track which also adds strength and rigidity to the barrel and is hand assembled and tested by Aimrite to ensure the highest quality.

    Truly an amazing speargun made to Adreno and Aimrite's highest standards, this yet to be named speargun is  a steal at only $499!

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