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    Are you a girl and into spearfishing? Step up to the challenge!

    February 22, 2012 2 min read

    Weighing in Australian Ladies' records is a great way to get a reward out of doing the sport you love. There aren’t enough ladies in the sport, unfortunately, and as such there are some gaping holes in the record books where ladies records should be – LET’S FILL THEM!

    A few women's records that you could come across easily and need to be claimed include:

    - All mackerel species except Spanish

    - Chinese footballer trout

    - Leopard/common trout (current 4.6kg)

    - All bream and snapper (found on most shore dives!)

    - Dolphin fish

    - Black jewfish

    - Green jobfish

    - All emperors (current spangle record is 3.625kg and all other emps are up for grabs)

    - Luderick

    - Black Drummer

    These are just a few, but there are plenty more! If you don’t have a records book and want one, let us know and we will try to line one up for you.


    First off, you will need to land the fish unassisted. This means that no one else can touch you or your float line, but you can be passed an unloaded gun as long as you load it yourself. And you are allowed help with getting the fish into the boat. If you get a fish that you think might be a record, don’t gut and gill it, and keep it on ice until you can find some government certified scales (most butcher shops, tackle shops, fishing clubs, spearfishing clubs, and grocery stores will let you use their scales if you ask nicely). Once you have weighed it on certified scales take a length measurement (with photos) and a girth measurement (with photos). Then you will need to fill out this form [PDF download]  .

    If possible, keep your fish until your record has been confirmed.

    Most importantly Ladies, let us know when you get your record!

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tell us your story! Are you a female spearo? Or are you a guy getting your partner into spearfishing? Share your stories on our Facebook page or in the comments section below!