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    "Thanks Adreno" - Kahlee Andrews

    February 07, 2011 2 min read

    "Thanks Adreno" - Kahlee Andrews

    It was this time two months ago that I was jumping in the car with two strangers, Ray Powell and Ric Devries, to begin the long drive up to Bowen for the National Spearfishing Titles.

    The memories of the adventure are still fresh in my mind and it is a trip I will never forget! But such a fantastic opportunity would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Adreno and their staff, who filled me in with all the info I needed and geared me up for the event.

    When I started out spearfishing less than a year ago I recall making my first trip to Adreno with a rather embarrassing problem of not being able to load my gun! The first person I bumped into was Paul, whose wife Lisa loves spearfishing, and understood my problem straight away. He took at least an hour out of his busy day to swap the rubbers and add a bungi while teaching me, a complete beginner, every little thing I needed to know to re-rig my gun!

    My first comp with the Sunny Coast Skin Divers was that following weekend and my brother Darren (who had the previous task of loading my gun) was as stoked as I was that I’d gained some independence! Six months later, after winning the National Ladies Titles, I look back on my first trip to Adreno and know that it was a major turning point in my spearfishing experience. Actually, it probably kept me in the sport, as my brother would’ve given up taking me out altogether if he’d had to continue loading my gun!

    So a massive thanks to Adreno, for your helpful staff, infinite advice and fantastic gear that won me my first Ladies Spearfishing Title.