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    Sydney Top 5 Scuba Dive Sites

    March 25, 2016 2 min read

    Sydney Top 5 Scuba Dive Sites

    Here are a few our favourite places to scuba dive in Sydney!

    1. Shelly Beach

    The spearos in our team had to put down the guns and pick up their cameras. But Shelly Beach was a haven for an early morning dip in the big blue. Great for beginners, offering a vast array of marine life and if you know where to look, the ever popular submerged motorcycle are just a few of the things that make Shelly a favourite of Sydney’s waters.

    2. South West Rocks

    If you want to swim with the big boys and love a good adrenaline rush, South West Rock should be on your radar. As you descend through the massive 125 - metre natural cave, experience the thrill of being up close and personal with a Nurse Shark and be totally in awe of the thousands of reef fish swimming overhead. Able to be enjoyed by divers of all experience levels, South West Rocks is always a great dive!

    qorf 3. Gordon’s Bay

    Hailed by many as a great dive on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. Gordon’s Bay is a great place for beginners to fine-tune their skills, with enough marine life to keep veterans of the water effervescent. A variety of Rays, Blue gropers, Weedfish, Sea Dragons, Wobbegongs and Port Jackson sharks are a common sight and keep Sydney based divers coming back to the Bay through the year.

    jettydive 4. Magic Point

    When you can deflate your BCD and truly expect to see sharks, the heart-rate gets a little faster and the senses definitely start to sharpen. Magic Point, just off Maroubra, holds a virtual certainty of diving with the perpetually docile Grey Nurse Sharks. Dive in and witness one of Australia’s most celebrated marine animals.

    5. Bondi Beach

    The ever famous Bondi Beach. When travellers think of Australia, they see this gorgeous stretch of golden sand and clear blue water. As if it was not awesome enough, Bondi is also home to a great dive for those looking to beat the tourist crowds and find some of the more undiscovered beauty this place has to offer. Divers will be rewarded with some of the most impressive natural caves in New South Wales. Hidden 12m from the surface is the Cathedral, a wide hall teeming with oceanic fish and warm water from the sun piercing through its tall ceiling. Next week we throw on the drysuits and countdown our favourite Melbourne based dive sites.