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    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    March 29, 2016 1 min read

    Rachel Vercoe with a beautiful parrotfish that has contributed to her rocket up the leaderboard

    Well, just like that Easter is over and there's been some great entries into the BIG 5 competition. Our early leader Jade Dean hasn't been de-throned yet, but there is more and more nipping at her heels as their points scores start to add up. Rachel Vercoe has come flying out of nowhere with a number of entries pushing her over 1000 points. Rhys Drury also added a few captures to his tally, and has moved up into 5th position. Could we have two girls fighting it out for top honours? We're only three months into the year, so the competition is still anyones to win. Remember to photograph your catch if it's covered under one of the categories below. If you've got some photos enter them by posting them on our FB wall.


    Rachel Vercoe with her Adreno Game 5 Spanish mackerel entry

    Points Tally Leaders

    Jade Dean | 2469.35 Trevor Ketchion | 1680.3 Duncan Limpus |  1573.425 Brett Gamlin | 1504.51 Rhys Drury | 1391.2 Rachel Vercoe | 1258.4 Josh Stevens | 1184.425 Waade Madigan | 1092.5 Branton Brown | 814.2 Aaron Puckeridge | 710 Nathan Watson | 685.2 Keiren Limpus | 512.7 Trent Bailey | 437.3 Benn Jillet | 281.25 Dandre Kilian | 266.75 Emma Kathleen | 238.5 Matt Duffy | 210.655 Harrison Kelly | 196.5 Chris Barnes | 185

    Points Table Breakdown