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    Spearfishing Training: Noob Spearo Podcast 087

    October 15, 2020 2 min read

    Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training: Episode 87 Noob Spearo Podcast

    Adreno Team member Wayne Judge on episode 87 of the Noob Spearo podcast. Wayne is an absolute gun at coaching spearos to improve their spearfishing. This episode has some excellent takeaways for guys wanting to improve their breath-hold, finning technique and become more effective in the water. He achieves these results by getting people into regular pool training using targeted exercises in a 12 week program. This episode we also dig into hunting Dogtooth Tuna. Despite Wayne being self-deprecating with regards to his hunting ability, we get a tonne of actionable intel from him in order to hunt Dogtooth Tuna successfully.

    Listen in for some Wayne Judge spearfishing training tips!

    7:00 Wayne Judge’s spearfishing origins | Sydney spearfishing and the North Shore Underwater Crew

    13:00 Wayne shares the story of the one that got away

    14:45 Memorable spearfishing experience starting spearfishing with his son Ant Judge (Ants interview here)

    16:30 Advice for guys getting started spearfishing in South East Queensland

    17:30 What is your favorite species to hunt spearfishing? Dogtooth Tuna

    17:45 What are some tips for hunting Dogtooth Tuna


    • What is the toughest situation you’ve had in the ocean?
    • What are you most proud of as a freediving coach?
    • How do you train for spearfishing?
    • Why can’t guys just spearfish more?
    • What does your training program look like?
    • What progress can people expect from doing a 12 week program?
    • What is CO2 training?
    • What is O2 training?
    • Can you give us a specific example of one pool training method for spearfishing?
    • What are the problems you see consistently with spearos?
    • Audience questions. How important are surface intervals?
    • What is your opinion on purge valves?

    68:00 What is the funniest thing you have experienced out in the ocean?


    Check out the Noob Spearo Podcast.