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    Get The Most Out Of Each Dive: Noob Spearo Podcast 137

    October 14, 2020 2 min read

    Taylor Slatter: Adreno Spearfishing Team Member on the Noob Spear podcast.

    This interview with Taylor Slattery was recorded on Day 1 of a charter to the Southern Great Reef aboard the Eastern Voyager. Taylor has been a part of the Adreno spearfishing team for years and has speared all over Australia. In this interview we get systematic on a single drop. This is a mental blueprint for getting the most out of each dive and maximising your time on the bottom hunting fish. 

    Listen to the podcast below! 

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    Important Times

    02:30 Taylor Slattery Welcome and Introduction

    25:00 The Wayne Judge Medical Evacuation Story | RACQ Life Flight Rescue and Knife Safety Conversation

    32:00 Spanish Mackerel Hunting Technique’s and Applying the right amount of pressure to the struggling fish

    40:00 Speargun Shaft Conversations | Spring Steel and Stainless Steel Shaft Characteristics

    45:00 Rob Allen Equipment and Mindset around Spearfishing Equipment

    47:55 Mono vs Dyneema Shooting Line Discussion

    55:00 Veterans Vault: Getting the Drop Sequence Sorted | Thinking Systematically about each dive!

    1. Tidal breathing and relaxing
    2. Double preferably triple your surface interval (time on surface after a dive should be 3x longer than your last dive time)
    3. Closing your eyes
    4. Three stage full breath
    5. Reach up and equalize
    6. Pull snorkel out of mouth with same hand on descent
    7. Do one big pull with other hand through the water
    8. Smooth duck dive into 10-12 smooth, powerful fin strokes
    9. Focus on streamlining and keep head level

    77:00 What do you do when your buddy is spooking fish?

    84:00 Funny Moments out Spearfishing

    88:00 What are three things people in their few year of spearfishing can do to dramatically improve?

    92:00 Spearo Q&A

    • Who has been the most influential person in your spearfishing?
    • What does spearfishing mean to you?
    • What is an exciting product you are working on right now?


    Check out the Noob Spearo podcast.