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    Spearfishing Gift Ideas

    December 07, 2020 2 min read

    Spearfishing Gift Ideas

    Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be difficult, especially for spearfishers. Even if you are a spearo yourself, there are simply too many gifts to choose from out there. If you are looking for a present for that special spearo in your life, or just looking to treat yourself, we're going to go through and have a look at a few spearfishing gift ideas you can check out this chrissie!

    Adreno FG Knife - premium, highly versatile and incredibly durable dive knife. F.G. blade will not only stay sharper for longer but will also keep rust development to an absolute minimum. It also has rubberised handle providing superior grip which is why the F.G is a superior dagger. Even prying off the most stubborn mollusc is a breeze!

    Adreno Gloves-designed to feel like a second skin. They also come with glued and blind stitched seams to limit the water entering the gloves!

    Adreno Booties/Socks - Adreno’s super stretch booties are equipped with 4-way super stretch 2mm neoprene providing flexibility at the ankle in all directions. It also has extra water sealing features. 

    Problue Mask - whether it’s for scuba, spearfishing, or snorkelling, Problue has a range of mask for any water sport.

    Adreno Hats and Caps -perfect for all your outdoor adventures! Sunmart, comfortable, and adjustable.

    Victory Filleting Knives -looking for a newfillet knife? Look no further! Victory has a range of filleting knife to prepare your catch with.

    Adreno Invisi-Skin Wetsuit-provides optimum performance; warmth and flexibility. The Adreno Invisi-Skin is designed to minimise chafing in the underarms, back of knees and groin. Stay warm, stay hidden, and catch more fish! 

    Wetsuit wash - has aunique Aussie-made formula which fights to eliminate the odours associated with prolonged wetsuit use! It also saves your wetsuit from the deteriorating effects of salt and chlorine and premature ageing.

    Beuchat Mundial One Fins - highly versatile fins to help you swim through the water more efficiently.

    If you are looking for more spearfishing gift ideas, just check out our massive range ofspearfishing gear at the lowest prices! No matter who you're trying to buy presents for this Christmas, we'll have something here for you at Adreno.