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    Breath Hold Exercise and Tips

    November 09, 2020 2 min read



    Breath hold is one of the most important skills in spearfishing. However, it’s not a skill that you can learn overnight and it requires constant training. If you want to increase your breath hold time in the water, here’s how you can improve your breath hold:

    Breath Hold Exercise

    In this exercise, you’re going to do three breath holds. First, just hold your breath until you feel like breathing. In the second exercise, you’re going to hold your breath until you feel decidedly uncomfortable. If you haven't had any contractions in your second one, just go with your third breath until you get a contraction, and to feel decidedly uncomfortable. And then start breathing again. For the third one, keep holding your breath and just check out when the contractions come in. Here’s a detailed overview ofbreath holding.

    Determine your base time

    It’s important to time your breath holds. Use a stopwatch to get your starting point and time yourself as you hold your breath. You can use the data later in determining your base time. To calculate your base time, you’ll just have to get the average time of your three breath hold exercises. The numbers aren't important. They're not important as to your status as a diver, or your ability as a diver. They only serve as a starting point to begin to change.

    You might start with a short breath hold time today and then just keep on slowly building it up. This is what we use our time for and not for comparing with someone else because as you train, it all evens out in the end. Some people start with a great breath hold that amazes everyone. While some people doggedly start and struggle to hold their breath for 30 seconds. They just keep working at it and it all works out in the endthey all start coming about the same level. Except for the person who's had the hard work to do, he will value it a bit more.

    Practice regularly

    Nothing beats constant practice. Practice breath holding regularly. You can give a couple of minutes each morning to work on your breathing. If you're not in the pool training, at least you can be home watching TV and do a series of three or four breath holds. The next important thing is having a look at what's happening in your body. You may find breath holding a bit difficult at the start, but remember that it’s just one step of all the things that will come about to bring a better diver. It's training one thing up at a time. Take the time to find the things that you need to improve on. Identify your weak points and make them your strength—and you can only do this by training everyday.

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