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    Shark Day # 1

    October 31, 2011 1 min read

    Sarah Shark

    Way back with the launch of Sarah Shark Episode 1 a 12 year old boy named Finn won the raffle to come diving with Sharks fully filmed by the Sarah Shark crew.

    The only condition we had was that; a) you must not already be a diver b) you must not have been in the water with Sharks before

    So we recruited another 12 year old, Alana, and took them both down to Sundive at Byron Bay to spend some quality time with the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks.

    The success of this gave us a great idea; Shark Day's. In between episodes we will be having these Shark Day's, be it by changing peoples perceptions by taking first-timers underwater with Sharks, perhaps by running amock in our Shark suit or my personal favourite - taking a day off work or uni in the name of Sharks.

    Take a look at the film of Alana and Finns first time...

    (shots by Kieren Curry)

    Sarah Shark Day

    Sarah Shark Day