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    Seachange Newsletter 11 - March/April 2011

    April 27, 2011 1 min read

    Seachange Newsletter 11 - March/April 2011

    The new look Seachange has been prepared by the new National Communication Officers Jason Coe and Ian Drent- welcome and well done for a very professional and informative newsletter.


    Seachange contains information for members about what is happening in our sport around Australia. For example safety, competitions, projects, media, records, ethics and much more.

    I hope that you have had some great dives with clear water and big fish. If you wish to share some of your stories and experiences please email me and I will try and include in next Seachange newsletter.

    We also welcome feedback on what we can do better for our sport. You can make a difference  by rejoining your AUF membership and also encouraging your diving friends to join. http://www.auf.com.au

    The 60th Australian Championships will be held at Exmouth, WA from 4-10th December 2011.

    More information from Joseph Petrovich 0415 956 545 and Arnold Piccoli  0417 096 275 and there will be updates on the AUF website.

    Best fishes