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    Scuba Divers Motoring Around Australia For Charity

    October 10, 2011 2 min read

    PADI AWARE fundraiser at Adreno

    Our team from Adreno met some amazing people this weekend at ODEX. Many divers visited our store in between lectures and product browsing and were in awe of the scale of our megastore in Brisbane: a warehouse full of dive gear and swimwear.

    Today we got a visit from two amazing guys who are driving around Australia on their motor bikes, raising funds for PADI Project AWARE in a fight to stop Ocean Debris and also for the Springboard Foundation, to help street children in the Philippines. With their Brisbane friend they visited ODEX because they are not only professional divers, but also offering Scuba diving holidays in their resort near Manila. Allan Nash and Tommy Soderstrom are PADI instructors and owners of El Galleon Dive Resort and Asia Divers in the Philippines, which we tell you all about in a later blog.

    Allan told us about their amazing trip around Australia and how this has nearly come to an end this week. They circumnavigated Australia on BMW 1200GS, starting in Sydney on the 28th of August. During stopovers in all capital cities (except Darwin) they dived and organised beach clean ups, to make people aware of how pollution of our oceans damages marine life.

    These guys will arrive back in Sydney for a BBQ charity fundraiser coming Friday and then hand over their cheques to the two selected charities. After our chat we waved them off for the last leg of their epic journey and wish them all the best!

    Adreno Brisbane Scuba Diving Store

    Want to know more? Read Allan’s trip blogs here Read more about the beach clean ups here

    How can you help? Visit the Aussie Fundraiser website to donate