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    Spearfishing Sumatra

    October 06, 2011 1 min read

    Spearfishing Sumatra

    I opened my email last Monday, after a weekend of cold and dirty water with not much fish, to a few pictures from my friend John Hurlstone that reminded me of a time, before winter, when we could go out for a day and come back with an awesome haul of quality fish!

    The spearfishing in SE Qld has been fairly quiet lately. So much so that when talking to some lineo's at the boat ramp last week, who had been out wide fishing deep, they told me "there is no fish in SE Qld"!

    Alas, some pictures from John heightened my spirits and reminded me that quality fishing is just around the corner as the warmer water to come in a months time beckons the large pelagic predators such as wahoo and spanish mackerel to our neck of the woods.

    John has been spearfishing, line fishing and surfing in Sumatra for the last few weeks. After seeing the pictures and hearing the tales of clear, warm water I thought I would share some with you to ease the pain of any other spearos who are waiting patiently for good weather and fish. John had a blast in Sumatra and I have heard equally positive reports from other spearos so if you're ever looking for a spearing holiday where you don't have to dive past 15m to get good fish, Sumatra could be an option!