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    Salt and Pepper Coral Trout Wings

    June 15, 2012 2 min read

    Salt and Pepper Coral Trout Wings

    This is some of the nicest fish I have ever eaten! It's such a shame to think that most people throw this away at the end of the day. It is almost entirely meat and well known as some of the best eating part of the fish.

    Instead of throwing it away, try cooking it up for your family and friends next time. I promise you they'll be impressed :)

    I learned this from while I was in Hawaii. They do this in a hot wok with the wings and even the tail of their catch.

    Once you have filleted your fish, simply take a knife and cut out the meat around the fins. Scale it very well, wash and clean out any insides and follow this easy recipe (or make your own!!). If you don't know how to cut the wings out of a fish just look it up on YouTube!


    - Scaled, cleaned, fish wings and tails

    - Salt and pepper

    - Oil


    1. Cut out the wings on the fish, scale well and clean - cut off the fins.

    2. Mix plenty of salt and pepper on a plate or in a bowl.

    3. Firmly press the salt and pepper into the fish wings.

    5. Heat 3-4cm of oil in a wok.

    6. Once hot, place the fish SKIN DOWN in the oil. This will ensure that the skin comes out nice and crispy.

    7. Cook for as long as needed. Once the skin is beautiful and crispy, turn and cook the other side. Serve with lemon on some paper towel.


    A healthier variation of this would be to bake in the oven with desired spices and flavours, or grill on the BBQ. You could even wrap in alfoil and cook on a fire! It is so easy and amazingly delicious.

    Please please please don't waste these bits of your fish next time - you won't regret it!