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    Boy Dies Trying to Hold Breath in Pool

    June 14, 2012 1 min read

    Boy Dies Trying to Hold Breath in Pool

    The recent closure on the cause of death of a 15 year old boy is a harsh reminder to us all that it doesn't take a deep dive to claim your life, and that we all need to have someone watching us in the water.

    The finding has been three years in the making, but it was concluded that Reiss morgan, tragically, died at a public pool while trying to break his own record for holding his breath underwater. Despite the efforts of pool staff to try to save Reiss after he passed out underwater, he was pronounced dead shortly after.

    No matter what depth you are diving, whether you are in a pool or in the ocean, we always need someone watching over us. That doesn't mean someone 20m away, it means someone right there ready to help at the first sign of trouble. Deaths from these sort of incidents canbe prevented if we all just follow this one extremely simple guideline.

    Train safe, dive safe, and live to see many more great fish and beautiful diving days.