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    Riffe Raider Review

    May 25, 2023 4 min read

    Riffe Raider Review

    Introducing the new Riffe Raider Speargun - a pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation.

    Generations of artisanship have lead spearfishing to this moment, where you can experience the best Bluewater Speargun Riffe has ever invented. In this blog we'll dive into the features that make this speargun the ultimate choice for spearos looking to upgrade their arsenal with the ultimate Bluewater Speargun.

    The Riffe Raider comes in various lengths to suit different preferences and needs. You can choose from full-length options as well as 55, 61, 67, and 70-inch lengths. The largest speargun, the 70-inch variant, is incredibly impressive and stands the height if not higher than the average spearo.

    The Riffe Raider is the latest evolution from Riffe's renowned Bluewater Range. The endless features bring the Riffe Raider to the head of the pack, giving spearos a more accurate shot, greater range and effortless manoeuvrability. By subtly adjusting the shape and analysing the hydrodynamics, Riffe have been able to create an incredibly manoeuvrable speargun despite its impressive size above the surface. Additionally, Riffe has increased the speargun's mass to provide a smoother and more accurate shot, reducing recoil and ultimately keeping the shaft steady and on target when you pull the trigger. One notable addition is the new Riffe ABS system, which stands for adjustable balance system. This system allows you to fine-tune the weight and mass distribution in the speargun's nose, further improving accuracy. Lastly, with it's bands recess and capacity to hold immense pressure through the incredibly durable trigger mechanism, the new Riffe Raider speargun is capable of producing a very powerful shot with impressive distance and accuracy. We'll break these down in more depth below.


    Trigger & Handle

    To ensure your comfort during long spearfishing sessions, the Riffe Raider features a soft loading butt - an iconic Riffe feature. This design disperses pressure on your body when loading these heavy spearguns, reducing the strain on your sternum. The Riffe Raider also incorporates Riffe's reliable and durable Signature 2-piece Trigger Mechanism Assembly & Heavy-duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip. This impressive combo is known for its strength, narrow profile, and low tolerance for any failures, allowing up to 5 rubbers at once. You can exert immense pressure on the mechanism without worrying about its performance, giving you a long and accurate Speargun range without any worry of something going wrong.

    The Riffe Raider is also mid-handled speargun with a rear mechanism, drawing it's centre of gravity closer to the middle of the Speargun. This configuration optimises the speargun's loading length to maximise power while still offering manoeuvrability. The mid handle allows for easy holding and pivoting from the rear, ensuring you can quickly adjust your aim underwater.

    Speargun Stock

    The Riffe Raider Speargun's mass plays a crucial role in its performance. By having more mass, you can throw a heavier shaft and compensate for the recoil, preventing excessive force from being pushed back into your body. This allows you to run up to 5 x 16mm Rubber power bands [55" & 61" (3), 67" (4) & 70" (5)].

    To maintain shaft straightness and minimize warping, the Riffe Raider incorporates a enclosed track and 5 laminate Mahogany wood stock resulting in unmatched accuracy. This track holds the shaft securely during the shot's initial acceleration whilst also reducing drag giving you a faster more accurate shot. The Riffe Raider's power is also enhanced by the stainless steel Sliptip, to prevent drag whilst traveling through the water.

    The Riffe ABS (Adjustable Ballast System) system enables you to add or remove weight plates in the muzzle end of the speargun to compensate for the additional kick produced by heavier shafts or more rubbers. The recessed placement of the weight plates ensures a sleek and hydrodynamic appearance giving you a hassle-free spearfishing experience.

    The stock of the Riffe Raider is constructed from five pieces of mahogany, laminated together with opposing grind directions. This design provides rigidity and structural integrity, ensuring optimal performance underwater. The wings of the Riffe Raider are also recessed, allowing space for the rubbers to sit neatly in the speargun and reducing drag to give you more manoeuvrability under the water. It also, more importantly, prevents the bands from bunching up after the trigger mechanism releases the spear - ensuring your shaft is projected with even power and not misdirected by the coiling rubbers. Furthermore, the stock tapers from the rear to the muzzle, offering a larger footprint at the front to counteract the upward force caused by the rubber's pull. This design reduces upward movement, resulting in better stability and accuracy.


    Although the Riffe Raider is a relatively new addition to the market, it builds upon the successful legacy of Riffe's Bluewater spearguns. With each iteration, Riffe has strived for improvement, and the Raider series is no different. The Riffe Raider Speargun is more accurate, more manoeuvrable and greater range. The Riffe Raider Speargun range showcases the latest innovations and enhancements from Riffe. With its adjustable balance system, increased mass, durable construction, and ergonomic design, this series is set to become a favorite among spearos in Australia. Whether you're targeting large game fish or exploring the depths of the ocean, the Riffe Raider offers the power and precision you need for a successful underwater adventure.