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    Lined vs Open Cell Spearfishing Wetsuit

    April 21, 2020 3 min read

    Lined vs Open Cell Spearfishing Wetsuit

    Today we're going to talk about differences between a lined wetsuit versus an open cell spearfishing wetsuit.

    You can read the blog below or watch our video on this topic here:



    What it means to have an open cell wetsuit; basically it's just the bare knee imprint on the inside of the suit. So it hasn't been lined with anything. Whereas your lined wetsuits they've actually got a nylon lining on the inside and as well as the outside.

    One of the benefits of your open cell suit; it's going to seal the water out really well. That's because this open cell's really sticky. So even if the suits slightly big, it doesn't fit quite right, it's still going to have a really good seal. The other benefit to open cell suits, if you've got a stiffer outside lining and if you put two linings on, so one on the outside, one on the inside, that's going to make the suit really stiff.

    Only having one layer of the lining should keep the suit more flexible. So one of the big disadvantages you have with an open cell wetsuit. The material is really sticky, so you're going to have to use soapy water or at least water to get it on. The other big disadvantage being, it's very fragile. So fingernails, when you're putting it on or taking it off, it will tear very easy. It is repairable, but it does break easily. One thing you got to be really cautious of with your open cell wet suits, is to make sure you use a wetsuit wash after each. The pores in the neoprene are really good homes for bacteria. So that combined with the moist environment and then heat where people often store the wetsuits creates bacteria. Next time you go to use the suit you put it on, you're going to break out in a rash. So make sure you use your wetsuit wash, every use with your open cell wet suits.

    With the lined wetsuit, you don't need any lube to get it on. With this suit, you'll notice that there are actually some glide skin seals at the extremities. It's the same with the legs as well, that's actually glide skin on the inside. And that is to help seal the suit up without having to use soapy water to get it on. It's also going to be much more durable with taking it on and off. The disadvantage with the stretch that I talked about on this one, is then combated by using a super stretch linings. So if you've got a super stretch lining on the inside and out, you just can still keep most of the flexibility. If you're diving in water, typically below say 18 degrees Celsius, you probably going to be better off sticking to an open cell wetsuit. Just in case the fit's not quite right for it. I think anything above that, my preference now is generally for a lined wetsuit. And they're becoming more and more available each year.

    Typically in the past, 90% of our wetsuits have been open cell. Now we've probably got a 70%-30% balance. There’s plenty of options to choose from in the lined wetsuits.

    Thanks for reading. If you'd like to see more gear overviews and tips we have loads of content on our blog or YouTube channel so be sure to check it out. Or if you have any other questions get in contact with us via live chat, email or visit one of our stores our spearfishing experts will be happy to help out.