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    How To Stop Your Mask Fogging 🐚

    April 23, 2020 2 min read

    How To Stop Your Mask Fogging 🐚

    G’day guys James here from Adreno Scuba Diving, today we're going to talk about how to pre-clean your mask and how to stop it from fogging.

    You can read the blog below or watch our video on this topic here:

    Now one of the biggest questions we get asked about masks is how do you stop them from fogging up. It's a really, really common question. When a mask is manufactured at the factory, when they put the glasses on...it's got a silicone coating on it. That is what will generally cause your mask to fog up. The biggest issue that people have is they think, okay, I'll spit on my mask or use anti-fog, and they jump in the water, and it keeps fogging up. What you really need to do first is a pre-clean.

    A pre-clean, the best thing you use is this a product like the Adreno mask pre-cleaner, which is Sea Buff, the Adreno Sea Buff, which is a commercial-level mask pre-cleaner. It's safe on your eyes but you do have to thoroughly rinse it out of the mask.

    The biggest problem that people will have is when they're prepping a mask. You only need to use a couple of small drops of cleaner. You'll put two drops on both sides, and you rub it around with your finger. Now once at least for a new mask that has never been cleaned is generally not enough.

    What you'll probably need to do is do it about four or five times. On my mask, for some reason it had a really thick coating of silicone. It took me about six goes to stop it from fogging up every time I go diving. I even put this Sea Buff on there and then I used my toothbrush for about 20 minutes while watching tele just to make sure it was thoroughly cleaned, then held it under the tap, gave it a nice little rinse, and she was right as rain. Has been no problems in terms of fogging up for my mask since then, and that was about three years ago.

    Just doing a pre-clean, is all it takes is it's really simple. After the first pre-clean, you can use an anti-fog or you can spit in your mask, which is a pretty common solution for anti-fogging problems as well.

    If you've got any more queries about masks or how to clean your mask, or anti-fogging solutions, head into one of our stores, or hit us up on our live chat. Happy Diving!