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    New World Record - The World Deepest Dive!

    February 16, 2016 1 min read

    New World Record - The World Deepest Dive!

    Weal Omar is attempting to get back in the world record books with a record dive of 400 metres. Wael had previously held the world record, which was a huge feat in the diving community, reaching the depth of 330 metres, over a dive that lasted 19 hours and 45 minutes. Shortly after Wael set this record, Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr, set out to break the record with a successful dive of 332 metres in Sharm el-Sheikh.

    Ahmed isn't prepared to let Gabr's 2 metres get in the way of his world record. He is set to get back in the water at Sharm el-Sheikh to prepare for a new world record dive at a depth of 400 metres. The dive will be 28 hours long and he will use 160 tanks! Once Weal's medical checkup is clear, he will attempt the dive on March 30.

    Although Weal will be under for an astounding 28 hours, this wont be the longest dive on the record books. Another Egyptian diver, Walaa Hafez currently holds the world record the worlds longest dive of 51 hours and 20 minutes, set off the coast of Egypt's Red Sea resort.