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    Making The Most Of Your U/W Camera

    November 30, 2011 2 min read

    Underwater Camera HousingBlog submitted by: Diversion Dive Travel

    Do you still remember the days when camera housings resembled small vacuum cleaners? Am I giving away my age?

    Well, nowadays only photo pros are lugging around big pelican cases with lights, camera bodies, housings and lenses. Us ‘normal’ divers can take small compact cameras in tiny plastic housings which fit into BCD pockets and happily snap away underwater. With a big enough memory card, those tiny electronic gems are even capable of producing HDD videos.

    Skills Sharing you underwater photos and movies online is easier than ever with all that new technology. A lot of divers have their own YouTube channel these days and with cameras becoming more affordable and the software easier to use, anyone can be a movie director!

    Still, developing your skills are the secret to success. People can tell the difference between a quality movie on YouTube and and an amateur one. By just putting your settings on ‘Auto’, you won’t get the ‘WOW’ effect that photographers or videographers achieve. To get a feel for the light, understand composition, and predict fish behaviour, you have to practise a lot. This takes many many dives, but there’s also a quick and more effective way to do it: learn from a professional!

    Combine a diving holiday with a course Some liveaboards and other quality dive tours have professional underwater photographers on board, who may be able to teach you a few tricks. For eager leaners there are even special courses scheduled, like the series in May 2012 in Papua New Guinea at TUFI Dive Resort.

    Christopher Bartlett teached u/w photography

    Christopher Bartlett will teach three 5-day Compact Camera Workshops. Christopher is an experienced photo-journalist who has published his pictures in many dive magazines and brochures. In his courses he will cover equipment setup and preparation, subject finding and underwater guidance, lighting, composition, no flash photography, and even digital image processing.


    Trip details You get 5 nights Twin Share Deluxe accommodation, all (yummy) meals, 8 morning dives on the outer reefs, 4 afternoon critter dives, 1 night dive and the course. This only for AUD$1850 per person. As a bonus, you also get to experience one of PNG's finest dive locations!

    Dates: 2-6 May 2012 9-13 May 2012 16-20 May 2012

    Contact Diversion Dive Travel 1800 607 913 / info@diversiondivetravel.com.au for travel suggestions, flights and more info on Christopher's courses.