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    Just met the triple world spearfishing champ!

    April 01, 2011 2 min read

    Just met the triple world spearfishing champ!

    So my first time being introduced to Pedro wasn’t too… er… productive? As Pedro speaks NO English! So I introduced myself and he politely nodded and smiled, no doubt thinking “who the hell is this and what is she talking about?!”

    LUCKILY we have a very competent Spanish speaker in the Adreno office and she was able to act as translator. Robbie introduced me as the current Australian Womens spearfishing champ and Pedro was surprised – “In Spain, the women don’t spearfish!” He says. Pedro was busy rigging his Beuchat Marlin Carbone Fibre gun to suit his preferences. He was amazed with Adreno’s workshop, as he enjoys fixing and modifying guns, and excitedly exclaimed “I want to come work here!”. To which Robbie replied “mate, if you win the Alliman Shield in Sydney on Sunday, we might even give you a job”. Haha. I was showing Pedro how some spearfishing equipment works, that is different to Europe, when he said “this is good, I am not used to a woman telling me how things work”. Apparently the women in Spain stay in the kitchen! Imagine that….. ;-)

    I will be spending the next seven days with Pedro, and I am hoping to be able to fill you all in on our day to day activities through the Adreno blog. I’m more than excited about the weekend to come as Pedro, Emmanuel, Paul and I head off to Sydney tomorrow and on Sunday Pedro and I will be competing in the Alliman shield alongside all of the Sydney spearfishing clubs. This will be my second trip to Sydney and I am absolutely STOKED that I will be getting to spearfish there. Fingers crossed for good weather and my first jewey! Keep an eye out on Saturday when I report back on Friday nights event that Adreno is hosting for the Sydney spearfishing clubs to meet Pedro!

    Kahlee Andrews