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    Adreno Backplate and Wing Systems

    March 31, 2011 2 min read

    The last 5 years have seen the popularity of harness and back plate systems increase, with several Scuba operators in Australia currently teaching open water Scuba Diving courses solely on back plate wing systems.

    The Adreno T-30 Wing Kit is available in both aluminium or stainless steel and is a perfect example of how simplistic design delivers superior results in the realm of buoyancy compensators. Made from 1680 Denier Nylon and the internal bladder is made from 400 denier Nylon making it super resistant to cuts and tears (Most regular BCDs have a latex internal bladder that is more prone to wear and tear).

    The back plate and webbing harness set-ups are simplistic and efficient allowing for better stream lining than standard BCDs and a reduction in straps and harnesses around the chest give an even wider range of movement to the chest and arms.

    Screened and tested by the Adreno dive team the T-30 Wing Kit is perfect for beginners through to advanced divers and is no longer just a type of buoyancy compensator for technical diving enthusiasts.

    For the more serious advanced and technical divers there is the Adreno T-50 Wing Kit which also comes with either an aluminium or stainless steel backplate and is a twin tank wing system that provides 50lbs of lift and has the same basic features as the T-30. The T-50 doesn’t have a single tank adapter as it is specifically designed to accommodate a twin tank set-up. The complete webbing harness can be customised to accommodate various scuba diving accessories based on personal preference.

    You can also get both the T-30 and T-50 wing only kits, which don't include the backplate and other accessories.