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    Hurray, the GoPro Dive Housing has arrived!

    June 26, 2012 1 min read

    Hurray, the GoPro Dive Housing has arrived!

    For all of you who have had clarity issues underwater using their GoPro camera's, there is good news. The long promised flat lens dive housing has arrived, making the GoPro camera's now also extremely suitable for underwater action shots.

    Previously, GoPro had warned about 'a slight loss of sharpness with underwater images'. The standard issue curved lens housing caused soft images underwater and some people complained their diving videos were completely blurred. Several different companies addressed the problem with aftermarket flat lens kits, but the waiting was on GoPro to come up with the real thing.

    Benefits The new GoPro flat lens corrects the blurring and spearfishermen, scuba divers and anyone else practising underwater sports can now breathe a sigh of relieve: no more ruined action shots of you capturing that special species! With the new dive housing anyone can achieve a sharp focus underwater in all resolutions. Waterproof to 60m, the dive housing is ideal for diving, snorkelling and any underwater filming scenario.

    The new housing with flat lens is compatible with all HD HERO cameras, GoPro mounts and accessories , except the wrist housing. The dive housing’s flat glass lens is free of vignetting.

    Order this camera housing online today! Retail price: just $69.95!

    Included: • 1 waterproof dive housing (60m) • 1 protective lens cap • Assorted mounting hardware

    Do you want to virtually test dive the new GoPro lens? Here's a video, shot 100% on the new Dive Housing & HD HERO2 camera from GoPro: Wingsuit base jumper and Italian phenomenon Roberta Mancino and pro surfer & world renowned free diver Mark Healey share an underwater dream.