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    Fancy going to an underwater nightclub?

    June 26, 2012 2 min read

    Fancy going to an underwater nightclub?

    For really keen divers who can't seem to get enough of 'talking bubbles', visiting an underwater nightclub would be a dream come true. A world's first underwater nightclub was trialled earlier this month by TechnoMarine Watches as a promotional stunt and produced by the Thinkmodo team at the Hudson River in New York in a pool at 4m depth. The club lasted only 3 days, enough to shoot the promotional video for the TechnoMarine watches, but the used Sea Trek helmet system is for sale, so who knows who will launch a permanent underwater nightclub next!

    Pros and cons Submerging yourself in a new world of underwater dating is quite fun if you have enough from just watching fish and corals. It is very much like going to a beach party, since you will be surrounded by cool looking people in their bathers (with little to say), and the advantage is that you won't have to come up with a clever opening line to impress . You won't be able to drink, so there is no hangover either! The disadvantage is of course that there won't be any music and asking for someone's phone number, or kissing, is also out of the question.

    Whilst sitting at a bar with a breathable helmet on it is maybe hard to look cool, but at least you don't have to worry about bad hair days and you can show off your body during a pole dance, finally use your sign language skills, or beat the other guys at underwater spear darts.

    This is how a night in an underwater nightclub looks like:

    And this is the making off: