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    How To Choose Your Dive Torch 🔦

    May 06, 2020 3 min read

    How To Choose Your Dive Torch 🔦

    James from Adreno runs through what the right type of dive torch is for you.

    You can read the blog below or watch our video on this topic here:

    You've basically got two styles of dive torches. You've got a wide-angle and a narrow beam. So what's the right torch for you? If you're just looking for a torch for diving in general just for looking under ledges, just looking around or night diving. As a general multipurpose torch, I'd recommend the narrow beam torch. The benefit of a narrow beam torch, for example, the AL1200NP, which is a narrow focus torch. The beam is quite narrow. This means in the water at night time you're going to get quite a lot of penetration through the water so you can see quite a reasonable distance.

    A really a key part of the narrow beam torch is if you're diving in water which has got a lot of sediment in it if you've got a much wider angle torch, it's going to pick up all the scatter in the water so it will be quite closer. A narrow beam torch you're going to get that more focused vision, which is a lot further away.

    The main difference a wide-beam torch has is the torch head, so it's got a much wider degree of light. The benefit of these guys might be if you're ... like everybody seems to be doing these days, diving with a camera. Be it a small video camera, like a GoPro or something like that, or if you're diving with a bigger camera with a bigger housing looking to do video or still photography.

    Another benefit of the wide-angle light is you have a much broader spread of light. So the benefit of that beam, your subject gets closer and they're in this much brighter field of light, which is really key parts between a narrow and a wide. Because if you're going to use a narrow for a wide-angle subject, it means that you only just basically a spotlight on it, which doesn't look ideal when you're bragging to your friends about your dive photos.

    Those torches we talked about above are in the 1200 range of torches. The number indicates the brightness in lumens. 1200 is a good all-around torch for most recreational divers.

    If you're looking for something a bit more significant, there is a BigBlue 3800P. It's a VTL, this stands for video tech light, which means it's great for someone who's coming with a big camera, it has a much brighter, much broader spread of light. So fantastic for your general multipurpose diving underwater, but also really great for doing videos as well. Just don't shine in your friend's face or they'll be blind for a little bit (just joking).

    Another cool option and one that we also recommend for pretty much everyone, good for an all-around recreational diver; is torch packs. Torch packs like the BigBlue Torch Pack this comes with a 1200 torch, with a backup 250 lumen torch, and a cool little clip which you can put on your BCD so your buddy behind you can see your light flashing around, So these combo packs are available in our wide-angle option and in the narrow style as well.

    The last option I'll talk about quickly is the VL33000P. So as you can probably imagine, 33,000 lumens versus 1200 lumens, there's quite a significant difference of light. The 33,000 lumen model, being super bright, it's for someone who's dead keen on video. They might have a professional set up. They're trying to make the best video in the world. This torch is going to give you basically the light of the sun underwater. In additional all Bigblue range of torches are pressure tested to a hundred meters, they are specific dive torches.

    We have a full comprehensive range of torches on our website., so be sure to check them out. If you have any other questions feel free to ask us on live chat or if you can into the store and ask one of the staff. Happy diving!